8 Felt Bottom 3/4" Nail-On CHAIR GLIDES Protect Hardwood Floors


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Set of 8 felt bottom glides with nails for wooden hairs that EASILY tap right into the bottom of wooden chair legs and STAY ON, unlike most adhesive or self-sticking glides.

They nail easily into your furniture legs for long lasting protection against scratches. For very hard wooden legs, you may need to drill a slightly smaller size hole then the glide nail to avoid splitting the leg. Then hammer the nail glide securely into hole. No more scraping floors and screeching sounds every time you pull out a chair. If you have hardwood, tile or other delicate floors these are ideal.

Diameter: 3/4 inch
Nail Height: 5/8 inch
Felt Height : 7/8 inch

  • Perfect for protecting your floors and your Furniture.
  • Helps to prevent scratching of your floor surface.
  • Simply hammer on to the base of your furniture legs.
  • You receive eight (8) glides.

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