Mens Knitted Skull Cap Kufi Beanie Hat - Black - Waffle Skully


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Great quality, very comfortable. Soft and warm, these are perfect for those chilly days! (and actually cool in the summer time too)

One size fits most adults with very good elasticity. I personally have a bald head, and I can tell you that this cap will not fall or blow off your head. You can't go wrong with these... very comfortable.

NOTE: Of the many Kufi Caps that we have sold, a couple folks have come back stating that they appear to be childs size. Let us assure the buyer that these are adult Kufi Caps. They are not intended to cover the ears and/or neck. A Kufi Cap fits snugly on the head, thus the term 'Skull Cap' as they are often referred to. If you are unsure of what a Skull or Kufi Cap is, do an internet search for Kufi Cap images, and you will see what they look like on a man or womans' head.

Also known as a Muslim prayer cap, and depending on the country of use, they are also known as a Taqiyah, Araqiyeh, Takke, Topi, or Peci.

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