Two (2) Pine Tar Soap Bars (4.25 oz size) - Grandpa's Soap


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Grandpa's original Pine Tar quality, natural soap is loved so much by our long-time customers that we had to bring it back! Crafted with old-world wisdom from all-natural materials, Grandpa's original Pine Tar Soap cleans and moisturizes your skin with naturally invigorating pine tar, a powerful all-purpose cleanser with a one-of-a-kind fresh scent. Men love this soap as it provides a manly, rugged, outdoor type feeling. Try it once, and you'll be hooked!

  • Contains special vegetable pine tar oil that cleanses, moisturizes and deodorizes.
  • No added colors or fragrances.
  • Sink, Bath, or Shower… Try it once and you’ll never use anything else.
  • Brand new, Factory Fresh.
  • You receive two (2) 4.25 oz bars.

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